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The TDT (The Tea Drop Trailer) adds SO MUCH VIBE to any event.

Megan is so intentional with every aspect of her set up and experience. Her artisanal tea is delicious and unique. I have worked with the TDT on many events and it always stands out as a highlight of the day.

— Ry Toast, Beats Balance Flow




The Tea Drop Trailer is the future of curated flavor installations. It’s interactive art that inspires, awakens, and hydrates!

— Henry Pope, Genius Loci Fest




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The Tea Drop Trailer is a full on environment experience that adds so much value to every event we host. Megan sets up her space with such intention and attention to detail, it feels like you’ve lived there forever, so much that guests never want to leave! The Tea Drop is truly a vibe creator and anyone would be lucky to have it in their space.

— Kari Jaffe, Beats Balance Flow