The Tea Dropcast Episode #004 – “On Location” at Dirtybird Campout

We proudly present our very first “On Location” episode of The Tea Dropcast, recorded at Dirtybird Campout West Coast in 2019! This show is a pure silliness. Expect no hard-hitting news from this “Morning Update”, but we hope you get a few giggles.

Josh Littlefoot, who is known for his quick drumming and inside jokes, joins our host Pogoda for some Yerba Mate and reflections on the events of the weekend. Guest appearances by celebrity A/V Tech Henry Pope, Chef Amanda Cram, and Dancers Dando and Molly.

Shout outs to our potential sponsors and the fine folks at Dirtybird Records for allowing us to take up the best real estate at the festival.

The Tea Dropcast is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and most podcast platforms:
The Tea Dropcast

If you’re wondering what DBC actually is, visit:
Dirtybird Campout West Coast

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