Lucidi-tea with Numi and The Tri

We were very excited to return to Lucidity this year, it being one of our favorite festivals and locations, as well as the first festival we brought The Tea Drop Trailer out to last year!


This year, we teamed up with Numi to exclusively feature their organic teas as part of thetri.org‘s interactive environment. The Tri, which dubs itself “The Conscious Party”, was founded by a group of young social entrepreneurs who utilize their organic brands to create awareness and positive socio-economic changes in society.


This organization is working to encourage people to “vote with their dollar” in order to have a positive impact on the planet both socially and ecologically, something that we very much support! Numi, being one of the brand partners in this organization provided us with their yummy organic teas to distribute for free to guests at the festival.


Numi prides itself on being eco-responsible through their tea sourcing and packaging. The also support the concept of “Communitea” by being socially and ethically responsible through Fair Trade and helping communities thrive from farm to cup.


We had so much fun working alongside other brands including Sambazon Acai and Imlak’esh Organics to create a welcoming and entertaining space to gather, enjoy music, and relax. We even recorded some content for The Tea Dropcast featuring a guided mediation, and intimate musical performances.



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