Steamy Tea


Tea is a pretty integral aspect of Steampunk Culture, so when The Silicon Valley Steam Festival invited us out, we strapped on our holsters and headed North. On our way, we stopped in Santa Cruz and grabbed some Earl Grey and English Breakfast from Alta Organics, because we love to support local businesses!


Then we headed West to the Valley and whipped up large batches of refreshing iced tea to share with the impeccably-dressed Steampunks.


This event is much more than just a fun costume show, but also a learning experience for all ages. It aims to teach concepts relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math utilizing the Steampunk aesthetic to demonstrate. Basically putting the Art back into the STEM curriculum creating STEAM.

The full-day event features live music, Dr. Solar’s Medicine Circus, an escape train, Steampunk clothing and accessory vendors, interactive art, and craft stations.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 11.04.26 PM.png

And as always, our mascot Amitola had an incredible time, and posed for lots of photo opportunities and pets from children.




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