Creatington’s Pajama Lama Bing Bong


Creatington, DTLA’s official home to the coolest kids in town asked us to come out and set up The Tea Drop Trailer inside of a blanket-fort maze. How could we say no to that?! This venue hosts some of the wackiest and most creative parties we’ve had the pleasure to be a part of…and lucky for us, they love tea!

_MG_2215This was our first time setting up the VITea Lounge INSIDE a building, and after some finagling, we managed to just BARELY fit it through the loading dock just in time to become swallowed up by the blanket fort.

We offered a special Pajama-Lama Blend to guests, and it was a huge hit!


Unfortunately we were having way too much fun to take many photos during the event. But we did hang out the next day to do a little photoshoot since that’s typically what this space is used for. We even got cats involved…


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