We Are Wildflowers


This spring Southern California welcomed one of the most magnificent wildflower blooms in known history, due to record rains. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to go out and experience this marvel of nature ourselves, and really bask in the joy, and smells, of mother nature’s show.


We ventured to locations in Anza Borrego and Joshua Tree to camp among the blooms. We made sure to inform people that this is a delicate environment, and trampling the blooms and caterpillars just for their Instagram posts was detrimental to the ecosystem. It is possible to observe and capture the beauty without impacting it negatively.

BDB0669E-BFF9-4988-8856-82F69CDB3880.JPGAnd of course we brought our mascot Amitola for some epic nature time!


We stopped at Grateful Desert in Joshua Tree to pick up some herbal concoctions, and enjoyed hot tea under the stars!


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