Wildcrafting Rose Hips

I’ve found that one of the most satisfying feelings is to wild-harvest plants which can be used for teas. Now I must note that while foraging, it is important to research where you are allowed to harvest, what plants are endangered, what plants are edible, and to only take small amounts for personal use.


Going out and exploring nature, and keeping an eye out for medicinal and edible plants is a great way to learn about and adapt to your environment and seasons. It makes sense that if a plant grows well in a certain area, that it is well adapted to the conditions, and therefore would be beneficial to ingest in order to acclimate ourselves.


While visiting family in Northern Nevada, I was out hiking when I came across bunches of rose hips in the snowy mountainsides. This little fruits are the seed pods of roses after the blooms have died.


Rose hips are best when harvested before a hard front and should be firm and have good color, leave the shriveled ones on the plant. Be careful of thorns when plucking the hips. Once harvested, you can use them fresh to make tea, which will retain most of the Vitamin C.

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