Beats, Balance, (Let the Tea) Flow!

This summer we joined forces with a team of badass women entrepreneurs who are creating an event to get you moving, motivated, and having fun!

BBF_7-22-2018 (22a)

Beats Balance Flow combines music, yoga, food, networking, and of course tea! Hosted by Kari, a high-energy yoga instructor with live music by DJ RyToast, this isn’t your typical yogi event.

BBF_7-22-2018 (10)

In addition to music and yoga, you can enjoy home-made snacks by vegan chef Coleen Janeway of Skin Food Body Love, shop for some stylin vintage clothing from The Rogue Pony, pick up some gangsta yoga gear by Namaste As Fuck, dose up on crafted oils from The Nektar, and fill your new Oakes Studio mug with some tea from The Tea Drop Trailer!

BBF_7-22-2018 (36).jpg

The next Beats Balance Flow is going to be an extra-special full-day holiday event starting at noon at Portaltopia in Los Angeles, a fancy artist enclave just on the outskirts of El Segundo. This event will feature TWO yoga classes and time to mingle, snack, drink tea, and do some holiday shoppin!

BBF_7-22-2018 (34).jpg

You can get tickets and more info here: Beats Balance Flow Holiday Event




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