Droppin Tea South Of the Border at Genius Loci Fest


The Tea Drop Trailer made it’s first voyage to Mexico for Genius Loci Fest in June. After this adventure, we can now say we’ve gone international! Located on a remote peninsula on the Baja Coast, this music/yoga/surf festival lives up to it’s name, which is an ancient Roman phrase meaning “the prevailing spirit of a place”.


We got to Drop the Tea on a cliff overlooking the ocean, right in the heart of the festival. This place is truly paradise, and the entire experience was such a pleasure. Our neighbors served up amazing food, massages, essential oils, and good conversation. We hosted free tea every sunset as the party moved from the beach stage to the main stage and again at the after-hours stage at sunrise out on the edge of the peninsula. We served up-lifting Oolongs and Jasmine Green teas to keep everyone vibrant and hydrated, and Chamomile with Turmeric and Ginger when it was time to wind-down. And as always, paired with local honey!


Our new floating cabana was a hit, and hosted many snuggle sessions. We loved meeting all kinds of new people, and enjoying some really fun interactions. Countless times we heard people saying “This tea is saving my life right now!” and that makes us very happy!


For this event, we had our good friend and performance artist Brittany Quidang transform into a flower geisha and serve tea in one of the most adorable spectacles we’ve ever seen! One of the things that really sets us apart from other cafes is the environment we create that fosters interaction. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sip tea with this girl…


We can’t wait to come back next year!

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