Livin it up at Vestal Village, Coachella

We weren’t really sure what we were getting ourselves into when Muncheez (an online marketplace for the legal cannabis community) hit us up about bringing The Tea Drop Trailer to Vestal Village during Weekend 1 of Coachella…but were far from disappointed! Vestal Village 2018 FULL-5214.jpg

This music and ganja event was held at Lake Cahuilla, just a few miles outside of the polo fields where Coachella Music Festival is located, and wow what a difference a few miles makes! We posted up underneath a beautiful tree, and served iced teas to guests passing through to the ganja smoking tent. Honestly, I can’t think of a better pairing.

Vestal Village 2018 FULL-5282.jpgThere’s no way we could have pulled this off without our new favorite tea-dropper Amanda! When she called me from the thrift store, sourcing teapots and cute decor, I knew I had chosen the perfect person for the job! Pretty sure no one could say no to this lovable girl and her hoops.

Vestal Village 2018 FULL-5260With Cypress Hill performing just on the other side of the pool, you could come to our little VIT Lounge and take a minute to relax, have a conversation, and enjoy the lake view.  Sometimes we’d get a little excited, crank up the music, and start playing ourselves, but no one seemed to mind that. SO MUCH FUN!

Vestal Village 2018 FULL-5196.jpg

I was also really stoked we were able to bring our mascot (my pup), Amitola along!  I think she has 3 new boyfriends since this trip, and who knows how many more Instagram followers, she’s such a lovable floof! She pulled me back and forth to the camping area on my skateboard so many times that now she thinks it’s her job. Next we need to make her a tea cart.

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