The Tea Drop Trailer Goes Lucid!

Marisa Pfenning Photography.JPG

Oh Santa Barbara, what a lovely location for a festival, and what an incredible group of people to enjoy it with! I’d been to Live Oak Campground once before, (many years ago when Lightning In a Bottle was held there) so when I heard there was another event in the same spot, I jumped at the opportunity to bring The Tea Drop Trailer to Lucidity Festival!

James Lester Photography.png
James Lester Photography

Many thanks to Jerrold who was there shooting a documentary about artist/architect Gregg Fleishman and invited us to drop some tea at the Alter Of Earth, designed by Fleishman and constructed by his team.

This beautifully wood-crafted workshop space hosted talks on topics including: social and ecological permaculture, nutrition and healing through food, parenting and communication, and Do-It-Yourself how-tos. Some pretty incredible things to eaves-drop.

James Lester Photography.jpg
James Lester Photography

In addition, we had the late-nite entertainment of SteveTV just outside our VITea Lounge, providing hours of live talk-shows, music, and non-stop laughs!


We were so thrilled to see all you super-human creatures, and to share tea, talks, and connection. Thank you to everyone who stopped by The Tea Drop Spot or hung out in the VITea Lounge with us!




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